PayPal to QuickBooks Link

PayPal to QuickBooks Link 7.0

Import individual PayPal transactions into QuickBooks
7.0 (See all)
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Use the PayPal to QuickBooks Link to import individual PayPal transactions into QuickBooks. For most PayPal transaction types, everything needed to keep your PayPal account in balance is created, including transactions to represent your sales and purchases.
Primary features:
Individual sales transactions per receipt: Each receipt becomes an invoice, a sales receipt, or a payment (you choose.)
Import customer names and addresses: Names, street, and email addresses are automatically included on new customer records. Addresses are also added to sales transactions.
Inventory management: Items sold are included on sales transactions. When they are imported, inventory is automatically reduced (if you track inventory. You can use most any item type including services and non-inventory parts.)

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